Functional Muscle Release Therapy
Shorewood, MN

Functional muscle release is a type of physical therapy that consists of deep-tissue therapy combined with targeted activation to increase mobility and stability of weak and tight muscles. Functional muscle release goes deeper than a regular therapeutic massage because it breaks down scar tissue, improves your blood circulation, and works for pain relief. 

While myofascial release therapy works by using gentle pressure to stretch the fascia and relieve tension that causes muscle restrictions, functional muscle release applies movement to restore range of motion.  

This therapy works for the entire body and or specific parts and can also be used as a tool to improve athletic performance.

Benefits of Functional Muscle Release

Chiropractic adjustments have shown incredible results. It improves and helps:

Pain Reduction

Muscle pain, knee pain, neck pain, myofascial pain, poor posture, and other types of pain.

Improves Range of Motion

Regain mobility, improve balance and strength, restore natural alignment.

Ease Other Ailments

recover from an injury or an operation, sports injury, aging, chronic conditions

Restore Normal Activity

improve health, blood flow, and get back to your regular daily activities

What Functional Means

The main purpose of this type of therapy is to restore the movement of your body by using a more functional approach. Functional muscle release is a therapy that includes the deep massage that myofascial release therapy provides and includes professionally guided body movements. It’s not like any other manual therapy techniques where you lay down for 30-60 minutes while they apply chiropractic manipulation, a massage, a chiropractic adjustment, a myofascial release, or any other treatment. Functional muscle release requires patient movement to restore the function of your joints.

In terms of functional movement, it refers to any action you do during your everyday activities.

Improve Quality Of Life With Functional Muscle Release

Feeling pain during regular physical activities, or any physical activities, is not normal, which is why addressing the pain in the early stages is better than letting it linger and get worse. Pain doesn’t necessarily come from recent injuries, it can also come from old injuries that were not properly taken care of in the first place, or the proper treatment wasn’t applied. Yet, this is not just for those in pain but also for those incapable of doing regular activities or completing daily tasks. A physical therapist or chiropractor will adapt the functional muscle release to each patient to achieve the goals and improve your quality of life.

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